Our Products

We offer an extensive variety of artificial grass products for every project

Iris Journey

Color: FG & Apple green
Pile Height: 1.60 in
Face Weight: 50 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 76 oz/sqyd

Elite Garden

Color: FG & Clover green
Pile Height: 1.50 in
Face Weight: 56 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 83 oz/sqyd


Color: FG & Olive green
Pile Height: 1.60 in
Face Weight: 52 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 80 oz/sqyd

Elite Adventure

Color: FG & Apple green
Pile Height: 1.13 in
Face Weight: 62 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 90 oz/sqyd

Iris Town

Color: FG & Apple green
Pile Height: 1.50 in
Face Weight: 40 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 68 oz/sqyd

Green K

Color: FG & Lime green
Pile Height: 0.60 in
Face Weight: 38 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 63 oz/sqyd

Royal Queen

Color: FG & Olive
Pile Height: 1.75 in
Face Weight: 65 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 92 oz/sqyd

Royal Crown

Color: FG & Olive
Pile Height: 2.00 in
Face Weight: 80 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 107 oz/sqyd

Central Park

Color: FG & Apple
Pile Height: 1.25 in
Face Weight: 50 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 71 oz/sqyd

Birdie Grass

Color: FG & Apple green
Pile Height: 0.50 in
Face Weight: 35 oz/sqyd
Total Weight: 59 oz/sqyd


Why choosing Novograss?

At Novograss, we work closely with our suppliers, developers, and customers to continue innovating artificial grass.

Our experience and expertise in the industry have been effective in creating products that are durable for everyday use, and great for our families, our pets, and our planet. With the reduction of pesticides, use of water, and use of gas-powered tools, artificial grass has many eco-friendly advantages.

Benefits of artificial grass from Novograss

Safe, clean, green. It’s easy to see why Novograss is the perfect landscaping solution.


Low maintenance


Sustainable product 


Trustworthy team for supply & installation


15-year warranty


Pet friendly